Advanced Psychopathology

Monday, January 30, 2006


Just post it

hey peeps -

for the record, i just want to say that i love all of you and that never changes. i do, however, want to give EXTRA shout outs to: LUCY, JENNI, ROB, & GILLIAN...for gracing their lovely selves at my fabulous soiree...and also add that the LIU represent wasn't so great and i expect attendance to be MUCH BETTER at nirit's this weekend...

regarding psychopathology writings, i was originally in the rob camp with respect to paper-sharing; however, now presented with matt's perspective, i would tend to agree...i'm probably not going to be wanting to print all that stuff out each i would be okay just posting here...let's keep it simple people...:)

and that's all i have to say right now...mwah!

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